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Overcoming the 5 Barriers to Business Growth

By Rudy Vidal

Somewhere along the way, most businesses get stuck at a particular revenue level. Everyone is working hard, metrics are being monitored, but somehow they just can’t achieve their targets. The amount of revenue isn’t as important—stagnant growth holds the business back and can negatively impact profitability and morale. What matters most is to find out “WHY” the business can’t reach its revenue targets and fixing it. Here are some ideas that may help:
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Rudy Vidal is a Contributor at the Huffington Post.

“Vidal Consulting sets the standard for customer-centric growth.”

Frank P. DeFina, VP Samsung

Vidal Consulting helps you see the business from a new perspective. They asked the right questions, listened and offered insights we had not considered

Michael Timar, VP Momentum Telecom

“Talented, positive and energetic individuals that understand how to find the cause of stagnant growth. If you are relying on price to increase sales, there is a better way, Vidal Consulting”

Keith Hanak, Exec. VP Panasonic

I would recommend Rudy and his program/work to anyone and any company.

Jonathan Judd, Channel Manager Prism Inc.