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What We Do

We help companies achieve extraordinary growth and brand differentiation through a systematic focus on the customer.

How We Do It

By aligning organizations with their customers’ values through proactive management of policy, process, delivery mechanism and culture.

Why We Do It

Because we believe businesses exists to serve people and that profit is a measure of the value we add to their lives.

We focus on:

  • Expert understanding of the mechanisms that create Loyalty
  • A clear understanding of customer segments: profitable vs. unprofitable
  • Realignment of touchpoints, processes, policies and delivery models to ensure Loyalty
  • Creation and maintenance of a self-sustaining customer centric culture.

The results are:

  • Efficiencies in Cash Management
  • Intimate understanding of Customer Segments
  • Discovery of new opportunities to monetize customer value
  • Delighted Customers and Profitable Loyalty

What we offer

  • Consulting Services

  • Training & Workshops

  • Executive Coaching

  • Speaking/Keynotes

Consulting Services

Our consulting services provide assessments of strengths and weaknesses in your company’s ability to harness the inherent power of customer relationships. The assessment is followed by a comprehensive action plan for strategic improvements matched to corporate goals and expected ROIs. We often assist in the creation of the customer strategy.

Training & Workshops

Our seminars and workshops empower people with understanding, hands-on experience and tools to LEAD and DELIVER customers loyalty. The workshops are customized to emphasize particular needs and levels of the organization. Most popular Management Workshop: “Manage, Measure and Maintain Customer Loyalty”

Group and Individual Coaching

Many companies do not maintain a Chief Customer Officer or similar position responsible for the Corporate Customer Strategy. Rudy Vidal personally advises CEOs, and executives in leading their companies towards customer centricity, customer loyalty and increased profits.


Our speaking engagements inspire people to take action. Action that creates immediate results for the business and the culture. The power of focused, engaging stories, along with appropriate follow-up, has proven a powerful catalyst.


Rudy Vidal

Rudy Vidal

Rudy Vidal is known for his unyielding passion for customer centricity.

He is an accomplished speaker, author, and consultant with more than 20 years experience tapping into the inherent power of customer relationships to drive loyalty—and profits.

Rudy’s passion for the customer was awakened during his studies of Konosuke Matshushita, founder of the well known brands Panasonic and National. Konusuke Matsushita believed businesses and industrialists have a duty to improve the human condition, and that profit is the measure of the value the corporation offers society. Since then, Rudy has focused his career on creating a holistic, hands-on understanding of the mechanisms that create Profitable Loyalty in our business environments.

Rudy has held numerous executive roles within the Matsushita family of companies culminating in Director of Extreme Customer Satisfaction. Most recently, Rudy was the Chief Customer Officer of inContact, an emerging growth company.

In his role as consultant, he has helped Fortune 500, emerging growth, non-profits and the education sector increase profitability, and improve operational efficiencies through increased focus on the customer. Rudy’s projects always provides hard, quantifiable ROI, and rely on policy, process and delivery model leadership to drive results.

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