Customer Satisfaction Requires Mutual Respect

By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : Customer Sat- Philosophy

I recently read a posting that solidified some forming thoughts. here.

We are all working quite hard to bring to the forefront a higher level of awareness to the issue of customer satisfaction. It is a good and necessary effort in our quest to improve P/Ls and quality of life in general. However, at what point do we begin to off load our responsibility on businesses in the name of good customer service?

Returning a plasma TV because we didn’t realize we couldn’t afford it until our spouse tried to pay the bills. Having a mattress replaced after sleeping on it a couple of weeks because we realized we needed a softer one. Expecting the florists to deliver an extra 7 dozen arrangements on time, because we ordered the wrong number, originally. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ask, and that we shouldn’t be happy when such requests are granted, but, more often than not situations such as these is becoming the measure of customer satisfaction, anything less is simply not enough.

Like all power, the power we have as consumers can have a corrupting effect on our ethics. A good Customer/Vendor Relationship has to be built on a foundation of mutual respect, I think.