Dell Buys Perot Systems: The Hidden Benefits

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Mr. Enderle explains very eloquently the benefits of services organizations in their ability to strengthen relationships post sale.  I could not agree more.

Imagine if sales organizations understood that the signing of a contract was only half the revenue and value, and that the other half came as a result of our alignment and authenticity to our purpose as a company, as people.

Imagine if sales organizations considered the lifetime value of a customer the true goal.

Imagine if sales organizations saw themselves as the conduit to future value for the customer, the matchmakers for a long term relationship.  Many do.  But we usually don’t pay them for that, we certainly don’t measure that.

Imagine if sales organizations and service organizations were on the same team.

When was the last time you were happy to see a sales person from a company you didn’t know.


Thank you for your post Mr. Enderle.

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