Don’t Blame It On the Culture

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Whether you like it or not, your organization has a culture.
Whether you’ve designed it or it just happened, the current culture has been perfectly implemented to deliver the results you are currently getting.

If you would like your results to be different then you have 2 choices:

1) You can drive your organization to do things differently and then put policies in place to make sure it doesn’t deviate

or you could . . .

2) Create a culture that does things a certain way simply because it values, takes refuge in, and is strengthen by an inherent “way of being”.

Some will say option 2 is a great idea but unrealistic, and therefore, option 1 is the only option.  Not so.

In our work we see the most common source of difficulty in managing cultures to be lack of clarity.

Think about it, unless we are clear on the kind of a building we want to build, it will be difficult to bring the right tools to the job site, difficult to order the right materials, difficult to implement an efficient floor plan and almost impossible to ensure those using the building are comfortable inside its walls.

Relevant and effective cultures feed off of clarity.  The more clear, the more cohesive the culture.

If you were to ask employees “Why does our company exists”, how many answers will you get?  Is there clarity?

One of the roles of upper management is to offer and feed clarity.  Is your management team providing clarity that results in cohesion?

Here is an example of a management effort to create clarity.

The important thing here is the effort towards clarity in “Why” we exist and “How” we do things around here.

When relevant and effective cultures arise, “WHO we are” becomes much more important than “WHAT we do.”

If you like to read more on cultures, here is a white paper that might be helpful – download

All the best.

Rudy Vidal
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