Don’t worry, they’ll never notice we don’t mean what we say!

By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : xcs

Last week’s post questioned out intentions as companies.  Do we have the courage to do what is best for our customers?
I think this topic warrant a little depth because our intentions drive our actions and priorities.

We might think that saying one thing and doing another can go unnoticed if we play our cards right, but it can’t.
At the very least, the customers we most care about, those that are closer to us and are more invested in us,
are the ones most likely to notice the incongruities in our relationship.

The frustrating part is that customers have grown accustomed to this incongruousness and consider it part of the way business is done.
We would not willingly pay a babysitter for saying one thing and doing another, but we feel it is ok to do it with the supermarket or airline or peanut butter manufacturer.
Our acceptance, makes dishonesty and the stretching of the truth acceptable within the culture of a company.
The result is a shallow relationship that has no chance of becoming meaningful and relevant for either party.

Here is a humorous slice of reality to make the point:

Customer Loyalty is Never an Accident 🙂

Have a great weekend !