Having the courage to empower your customers

By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : Brand Authenticity Customer Sat- Philosophy Customer Satisfaction Customer Service Extreme Customer Loyalty True Loyalty xcl

Let’s face it,
Most brands look for the customer’s weak spot.
They place candy at eye level for your 3 year-old at the supermarket checkout line.
They show you a standard of beauty you could never achieve, so maybe, you’ll never stop trying.

We spend much energy discussing and studying customer values, because understanding them and
being authentic in our effort to deliver them, creates a deeper, more emotional kinds of relationships between customers and brands.
A more human relationship, dare I say emotional.

Could it be, that what is good for our customers is ultimately good for our brands?  Yes, it could be.  It’s not that hard to imagine.
But then, why don’t we treat our customers accordingly?
Why don’t we have the courage to actually serve our customers as opposed to trying to find the weak point in their armor?

Some brands get it and once in a while we see the light.
Here is a continuing effort from Dove.  They are showing consistency and on-going courage to empower their customers.
You can too.

Rudy Vidal