Hear it again for the first time

By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : In Action

Sometime ago, I was fortunate to see Cirque de Soleil’s “LOVE” Show. For those of you who have not yet seen it, it is a montage of acrobatics, dance and fantasia-like acts choreographed to the newly mixed Beatles LOVE album. What I found fascinating about this show is how something we all know, like all those Beatles tunes many of us grew up with, can suddenly become new. The visual effects gave the songs a new dimension that caused me to listen in a different way, as if “hearing it again, for the first time”.

In many ways Customer Satisfaction is an old, comfortable song we all feel we know, whose limitations and approaches may feel exhausted after years of listening. If that was the case with Cirque de Soleil, I think the idea of a show based on old Beatles tunes, may have been rejected as – not new, not innovative, not contemporary, not a new paradigm. But luckily they saw it differently. Thinking incrementally may allow us to slowly improve over time, but it rarely allows us to the reinvent, lead and create something new and valuable out of something slightly worn. I wonder what Cirque de Soleil would do with Xtreme-Satisfaction?