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By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : Big Idea Business xcs

toyota iq

At times I find it difficult to illustrate to clients the idea of emotional customer experiences that transcend the product or service.  They often feel obliged to openly explain the product features or benefits in order to present a clear value proposition.

Although features have their place, in a commoditized market they are no longer effective differentiators of brand.  At best, and only marginally, features differentiate products.  In fact, continuing this practice can put entire industries in insatiable races to give customers more for less.

As we know, for the time being the differentiating power is now in the experience.  So, I have decided to start compiling examples of what I think are well executed experienced based campaigns so I can show the point in action (A video is worth a thousand words).

I thought it would be interesting to post one of my favorites, take a look: IQ font

In this example, Toyota uses the concept of typesetting fonts to demonstrate a feature, without mentioning it.  In doing so, it creates an experience outside of our expectations that reveals things about Toyota that for me, makes it more  human, organic and real.  The emotional requirement is achieved (we would never expect a car company to relate itself to typesetting fonts), yet the effort is still in context with the brand.  But wait, there is more.  The font is downloadable and available for us to use, thereby continuing the experience and incorporating the brand into our daily lives.

In today’s market, a company that is simply surving is no longer intersting.

Would love to hear your comments.

Rudy Vidal
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