Management needs to provide clear expectations but also create an environment that facilitates success.

In this short video, Rudy explains how in order to help your customer, you need a management team that accepts the fact that customer strategy is important for success. As managers, we need to know the processes & policies that directly affect our customers in order to be able to change strategy to make our customers happy.

Rudy brilliantly explains the difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.  They are NOT the same. Here he explains why loyalty comes from emotion and not from meeting people’s expectations.

It’s not what we think the customer wants, it’s recognizing what they need.  Rudy explains how this is the true value we add to the customer.  Keeping up with shifting markets, we need to listen to the voice of the customer in order to be more successful.

What happens when good policies are put into place but are worthless to the customer?  Management should be looking out for the best interest of both the customer and company. Rudy discusses how companies should have a dedicated person to look out for the processes & policies which evolve over time against the customer’s value.  Does your company have a Chief Customer Officer?

Rudy’s belief is that the Chief Customer Officer’s job is to defend the top 80% of the company’s revenue.  As a CCO, we value their business and our relationship with the customer.  Listen to Rudy and what he did to earn his customer’s trust.  Sometimes you have to go above and beyond…