Should We Come Clean or Look the Other Way?

By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : Business Customer Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction Customer Service managing XCS Uncategorized xcl

If you discover problems in execution that affect your customers, do you keep them to yourself? Or do you come clean to your customers?

My partner Emily likes a particular soap and cleaning product that is advertised as non-irritating, plant-based, and without synthetic ingredients. Recently, though, when she tried to order more, she found the company had taken it off the market.

They had discovered the soap’s manufacturer had in fact been using synthetic ingredients, which goes against the brand promise. The soap is the same as it always was, but the company had decided to take it off the market until it could be manufactured as promised.

Does Emily feel betrayed? “No. It makes me trust the company more. I feel they’re looking out for my best interests. It makes me want to buy more from them.”

The company may have been ineffective or naïve, but they’re not untrustworthy. Yes, they had been fooled for years. But it says more about their character that they’re willing to face difficulties and take risks to make things right.

Being an authentic brand is more important than being perfect.