Some Experiences Require Climbing Gear

By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : xcl

Earlier this evening I went to a supermarket in search of some midnight snacks.
When I arrived at the ice cream section I found a young stocking person making considerable noise by the throwing of ice cream packs on the floor.
His cart was in the middle of the corridor, so, as he threw another bunch on the floor he politely asked me if I needed to pass.  No thank you, I answered, as I climbed over the ramparts to take a pint of my favorite from the freezer.  He seemed undisturbed by, how he was doing might effect a customer’s perception of the store or the brand.

I couldn’t help wondering what the back of the store inventory looked like as I walked towards the register.

Customer experience management needs a systematic approach across the touchpoints our customers experience.  The smile I may have received from the greeter at the door becomes quite irrelevant and unauthentic after such an experience.


Customer Loyalty is Never an Accident