Wearing Good Customer Service Like a Uniform.

By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : Corporate Culture managing XCS

imagesOk, I’m glad to be writing about a good experience, since sometimes I think I concentrate too much on the poor ones. And, although I could use the excuse that there are many more poor ones than good ones, I still think we learn more from discussing good customer experiences.

Today, I went to a newly opened supermarket near my house. As a result I have decided I need to find the person in charge of training at this store because it is clear that training is the key to consistency and consistency is the key to exceeding customer expectations quickly.

From the moment I walked into the store my expectations were exceeded:

The deli guy: (a young man not older than 18), asked if I would prefer my slices of ham separated by individual sheets of paper. Usually I have to spend 5 minutes peeling the paper-thin slices from each other, making a mess and causing unnecessary handling (not pretty). – Sure, if it’s not too much trouble. – Not at all, my pleasure. I’m assuming you would like them very thin, right? Yes, please.

Over to the bread counter from where a French Baguette had been staring at me for some time. – Could I have a Baguette please? – Of course, can I offer you a sample of it first, to make sure it meets your expectations? – Yes, that would be nice. Delicious, I think I’ll take two.

Over to the prepared foods: – Could I have a pound of the mozzarella, tomato and artichoke salad? -You’ll be glad you chose it, and you will not feel bad you didn’t make it yourself. The mozzarella is fresh, the artichokes were cooked today and the tomato’s are those off the vine, right behind you. Would you like to try it first?. – No, no need thank you, I know fresh mozzarella when I see it. – By the way, that Baguette and this salad were made for each other. – I know, I can’t wait.

Where can I find the honey? – let me take you to it. – if you point I’ll find it. – No, its my pleasure, right this way please.

At check out: Do you prefer paper or plastic? You gotta be kidding me, right? – No sir, your choice.

What happened at this store today is special. Not because I was treated well as a customer but because in one day I had enough great experiences to bring me to a tipping point about the store.

Normally, most retail establishments need multiple visits to gain the trust and loyalty of a customer. This takes time, and money. This store, on the other hand, was able to provide me enough examples of excellent service and quality to exceed my requirements for loyalty, on the first visit!  This means they shortened the meantime to loyalty and thereby increased their velocity of cash. Brilliant !

What made this possible was consistency across the employee base. What made that possible was training and hiring. Very good training and very good hiring.

The right people, in the right seats, on the right bus, well trained, following a clear vision.

That’s beautiful.

Rudy Vidal
Committed to XCL !