What Can Great Leaders Do?

By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : Corporate Alignment Corporate Culture culture management Leadership managing XCS xcs

We know that leadership is important, but what is the difference between good and great leadership?

  • Great leader facilitate the behaviors necessary to reach our goals.
  • Great leaders create clarity of purpose.
  • Great leaders keeps us aligned to the purpose and the customer values.
  • Great leaders encourage behaviors that drives success while discouraging behaviors that get in the way of our success.
  • Great leaders urge us to believe in ourselves and the value we bring.
  • Great Leaders empower, guide and get out of the way of our individual and collective magic.


Are we striving to create clarity and cohesiveness?  Are we facilitating the right behaviors?

Great Leaders can make things happen that we never thought were possible.

Rudy Vidal
Committed to XCL