Extreme Customer Service and Sales – Perfect together?

By : Rudy Vidal | | Category : Customer Experience

Are Extreme Customer Service (XCS) and sustainable increases in sales mutually exclusive?
I have had this discussion too many times to count. But, it doesn’t get any easier.
I believe XCS and increased sales are very compatible. Sales is a long term enterprise, even if your boss is whipping you for quota this month.

Konusuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic said it best, (not verbatim )”we as industrialists have a responsibility to add value to society and to improve the quality of life of our fellow man. As such, profit is the just reward provided us by society for successfully fulfilling this responsibilty, daily”.
His philosphy held we should not worry about profit, we should just worry about adding value to society.
If we did, everything else will fall into place. Mr. Matsushita was not suggesting that we run our businesses ignoring the bottom line. But if our intentions and our efforts are focused on, and successful at adding value, the rest will probably take care of itself. To some taking this line of thinking seriously may require taking a great leap of faith. To others it may seem easily applied.For too long we have held Sales to be a “cut throat”, “at all costs” discipline.
I remember growing up my father thoroughly disliked sales people.

He thought they all wanted to get their hands in you pockets. He was not pleased when I became head of sales many years later. Is this the real essence of sales? The stereotypical used car salesman?
I think preditory behavior is almost always a short-cut to an ends, but almost never the best way to skin the cat.
An XCS-based sales person, builds relationships, honestly caring for his prospective customer’s best interest, finding a way to add value through the product or the relationship that well justifies the cost.
Sure, if you didn’t care about your customer you could probably sell more in the short term, but will you ever realize the lifetime value of that customer? NO.

My broker, always did what he thought was right for me and as a result more than once took lesser commissions. When he left Ameriprise for Merril guess what I did?

XCS and sales go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Don’t you think?